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chace + JC

Chace Crawford Loves Bikini-Clad Babes

Fri, 20 June 2008 at 6:35 pm

Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford finds himself in the middle of a gaggle of bikini-clad girls while on break from filming his hit CW drama, on location in Southampton, New York on Friday.

The 22-year-old actor was recently asked how he is coping with the attention from the ladies. Chace said, “You know, they feel like they know you. A lot of the time they just want a hug, I’m like alright, come here I’ll give you a hug.”

And when asked if there were any on-set romances that maybe going on off set as well, Chace joked, “Where did you hear that? I’ve never heard that one before.”


11th-Jun-2008 12:33 pm - Chace Crawford is a Beauty McQueen
chace + JC

Chace Crawford is a Beauty McQueen

Tue, 10 June 2008 at 6:15 pm

Chace Crawford soaks up the sun while relaxing at park in London, England on Monday.

The 22-year-old Gossip Girl hunk seems to be enjoying his time off, shopping up a storm on Bond Street, including a stop at the Alexander McQueen boutique. Chace was later seen working on his tan, reading in a park lawn chair.

Chace recently addressed his relatively newfound popularity: “In terms of being famous, it did go from 0-60 in pretty much no time at all but you learn to deal with it. You just take it day by day. I remember filming on the Upper East Side of New York and there were a couple of hundred girls there. It was Friday just as high school was finishing so we were kind of asking for it. We were just like, ‘OK what have we got ourselves into.”

Watch the video at ITN.co.uk.


30th-May-2008 09:10 am - Ed Westwick in Seventeen Magazine
ritchson, smallville, alan, aquaman, sexy

Ed Westwick may play a bad boy on Gossip Girl, but in our hearts, he’s oh so good!

1. When was your first kiss?
Um ... 6? Well, what are we talking, we're not talking proper kiss, right? Okay, 6 and ... 10. No, is that bad? Should I say 11? I'm pure and innocent.

2. Who's your celebrity crush?
Scarlett Johansson — she has been for a while, and always will be. I love her style.

3. What's a girl fashion trend that confuses you?
None. As long as it's done the right way, I think it'll be attractive. It's not about what it is, it's about who's wearing it. From my limited knowledge of women's fashion, everything is pretty good.

4. What's the girly movie you secretly love?
There was a really good one, but I can't think of it.

5. What's your TV guilty pleasure?
Watching Gossip Girl [laughs]. I can't stand watching myself on TV. I think I share the opinion of my character that a lot of the audience shares: It's a "love to hate" kind of thing. As the season's progressed, I think everyone's had sympathy for him. I think he's an alluring character; he's very interesting. He has these slices of his personality. He can be the devil, but at times he can be very charming. It can be a very dangerous concoction. I think he has a good heart, but his heart is often tempted by corrupt desires.

6. Who would play you in the movie version of your life?
Chase Crawford! No, no. I don't know. Chase Crawford can play the villain. I'd like to see Daniel Day-Lewis spend three months getting into my character.

7. What's your dream job?
Probably landscape gardening. I think gardens are fantastic, and I'd love to draw and design and stuff like that. I love just planting flowers during the summer. There's something very humble about it, and natural and beautiful. When I need to think of like a peaceful scene or something, I think of my back garden in summertime. And whenever I hear the lawnmower next door, I always think it's really peaceful.

8. If you could trade places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be?
I'd probably choose an explorer in the Amazon or Vietnam. That'd be pretty cool!

9. Who in your family are you closest to?
Oh, I'm close to them all. We're a really tight-knit group. I have two older brothers. I am the baby. We're all very, very close. We're great communicators, so we get along really well.

10. What's your favorite Website?
Msn.co.uk, because I feel like I should know what's going on a little bit in England, and I can read about sports or something.

11. What's the fast food you can't live without?
I can pretty much live without fast food. I haven't eaten McDonald's in so long, but it's okay. I think the McDonald's in England is a little bit better than it is over here. My favorite thing on the menu is the Happy Meal. It's just enough.

12. What's your worst habit?
I bite my nails. I've been chewing on them for years. As long as you don't chew through flesh it's all right. I wouldn't want a manicure. I'm a man's man!

13. What's the last song you listened to on your iPod?
"Our House" by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

14. What's the last thing you bought?
The last thing I bought was probably a phone charger because I left my phone charger somewhere. Actually, I don't think it was. It was probably chips and dip.

15. What did you dream about last night?
I can't remember. I went to the IMAX, though, the other week, and watched The Rolling Stones' Shine a Light. It like brainwashed me, so I spent the whole night dreaming I was the drummer, but that I didn't know any of the songs!

16. How much money is in your wallet right now?
I don't have a wallet.

17. Fill in the blank: When I was 17, I was ____________.
Learning to drive.

Ed Westwick plays Chuck on
Gossip Girl. He is also in the movie Son of Rambow, which is in theaters now.

chace + JC
Ed Westwick gave Skymag a tour of the Gossip Girl set. You'll find the article under the cut.

19th-May-2008 04:42 pm - Penn Badgley on Rachel Ray
chace + JC
Check out our boy Penn on Rachel Ray!!

14th-May-2008 10:27 am - CW Upfront pics of the guys
chace + JC
Of course, I had to post the lastest CW Upfront pics, filtered to only include my favorite guys ofcourse!

13th-May-2008 10:59 pm - Gossip Guys Fued?!
dirty, jared padalecki, supernatural

Catfights are a-brewin' on the set of "Gossip Girl." But this time, it ain't the ladies who are clawing each other's eyes out.

The show's men, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and Ed Westwick, are battling over screen time and general media attention.

The problem? Audiences have gone gaga for Chace. The girls and the gays alike have brought the buzz his way, thanks to smoldering good looks and boyish charm.

"Penn was supposed to be the show's break-out star and now it is obviously Chace, and Penn doesn't like it," said one insider.

In last week's episode, Chace got no screen time at all while Penn was featured prominently.

But jealousy still reared its head Monday night at the Met's Costume Institute ball.

Both Penn and Chace walked the red carpet, but it was Chace who was mobbed - and invited to George Clooney's after-party at Bungalow 8. To make matters worse, the king and queen of Hollywood, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, gushed all over him.

"Tom and Katie went up to Chace to say how much they love him and the show. They didn't talk to any of the other cast members," our spy snitched. "Penn didn't get any love."

8th-May-2008 07:42 pm - What makes Ed Westwick horny?
ritchson, smallville, alan, aquaman, sexy

The shit: What makes Ed Westwick horny?

Best known as the philandering scion Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick is branching out in the charming artsy flick The Son of Rambow, where he plays, well, another callous, spoiled young man. We asked the smoldering 21-year-old Brit about what gets him off.

Ed Westwick - Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl
“This is my trademark: I rip my T-shirt. I’m into the whole showing-a-bit-of-chest-hair thing.”
“The whole buzz of the city turns me on. I’m a nighttime kind of guy, so I love going out. I always sense potential in the night—especially during the summer. When the sun’s out the girls put on nice dresses. It’s like London in the summertime: There’s all this energy that’s been laying under the earth for eight months of the year that’s just been bubbling and cooking until finally it comes out with the sun.”
“I’m in a band called Filthy Youth and we adopted that whole indie rock-&-roll image. I love black skinnies [Westwick for jeans]—their tight fit accentuates the body and makes them sexy on men and women—I hope I have a nice body.”

Photograph by Ryan Pfluger
Shot on location at Pete’s Candy Store

— Helen Yun

8th-May-2008 07:37 pm - Gossip Girl Season Finale Poster
dirty, jared padalecki, supernatural
Here's the Season Finale poster. Dunno how I feel about Bluck or Chair, which ever you prefer:)

8th-May-2008 06:53 pm - Chace and his perfect date....
chace + JC

Chace Crawford Reveals His Perfect Date

By Brian Orloff

Originally posted Thursday May 08, 2008 03:20 PM EDT

Chace Crawford Photo by: Scott Wintrow / Getty
Chace Crawford Reveals His Perfect Date | Chace Crawford

While Chace Crawford's Gossip Girl character Nate Archibald may hit all the New York hotspots, in real life the actor plays it cool – especially when it comes to first dates.

"The ideal, I think, when you're starting out, is something low-key, like playing the [Nintendo] Wii, ordering in pizza and then grabbing a beer," Crawford, 22, told PEOPLE at Wednesday's launch of the Stoli Hotel in Manhattan.

But come time to step out, the actor says he'd take off "to a concert in Central Park or an NBA basketball game, if she likes sports." (His teams of choice? "The Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Cowboys – I'm a Texas kid!")

Crawford famously dated Carrie Underwood – until the pair split up over text message – but now says he's single, being so busy with work and his fitness regimen.

"Part of me being single is focusing on my work right now," says Crawford, who joked, “I've been dating my gym bag for a while now."

When in a relationship, though, the Gossip guy finds himself getting creative in the gift department.

"I like to do artwork and draw," he says. "I did a big beautiful drawing – and it was very meaningful to [my girlfriend], and she loved it ... that's the kind of stuff that I like to do."

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